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Chimney Cleaning in Salt Lake City, UT

Keeping your chimney and fireplace in tip-top condition is easy with help from our team. Chim-Chimney Sweep Inc. provides professional chimney cleaning in Salt Lake City, UT, as well as fireplace cleaning, duct cleaning, and repair services. 

Our insured sweeps keep your smokestack free of soot and other debris. Furthermore, our friendly experts cater to residential clients, so you can have your home’s heating equipment cleaned thoroughly and in a professional manner. Contact us today!



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About Our Company

Chim-Chimney Sweep Inc. is a local chimney cleaning company with a focus on great customer service and attention to detail. Our experts ensure your smokestack is properly maintained, and that your dryer vents, ductwork, and furnaces are completely clean.

With more than 30 years of industry experience, we have the expertise to remove flammable materials and residue from any structure. Our licensed chimney sweeps use the right tools and maintenance practices to get any job done. As a member of the National Chimney Sweep Guild, we understand how important it is to clean chimneys. The removal of soot and residue prevents fires and allows you to enjoy clean air in your home.

Why You Need a Clean Chimney

Everyone enjoys relaxing in front of a warm, crackling fire. However, no one wants to worry about the possibility of a house fire. When you burn a fire in your fireplace soot and creosote buildup inside your chimney, making it less efficient and also increasing the risk of a fire. Likewise, too much build-up can decrease your indoor air quality.

Fortunately, there is a simple solution: chimney sweeping. Our technician will carefully clean out your chimney so you can enjoy a nice fire on cold days worry-free.

Schedule an Inspection Today

There’s no hard and fast rule for how often you should have your chimney cleaned; soot and creosote buildup varies from household to household. However, experts recommend that you have a professional inspect your chimney annual--preferably before you start using it regularly during the colder seasons.

Reach out to our local chimney cleaning company to schedule an inspection for your home. Inspections are also available for your ducts and furnaces. We conduct a thorough assessment to determine what maintenance is necessary, if any. Count on us to give you nothing less than our unbiased opinion as chimney safety experts.

Contact us to learn more about our chimney cleaning services and the other work we do. We’re proud to serve homeowners throughout Salt Lake City, Utah, and the surrounding areas.

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(888) SWEEPS1 (793-3771) (Toll-Free)
(801) 918-SOOT (7668) (Salt Lake County)
(435) 655-3212 (Summit County)
(801) 771-0883 (Davis County)
(307) 677-6858 (Evanston, WY)

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