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Chimney Cleaning | Salt Lake City, UT

About Us

Since 1997, Chim-Chimney Sweep Inc. has helped residential clients with their chimney cleaning in Salt Lake City, UT. Our professionals handle everything from smokestacks to dryer vent cleaning. With our help, your structure will be able to operate correctly and you won't have to worry about fire hazards. We'll remove any flammable materials from your chimney to prevent fires.

Additionally, our experts can help you resolve drafting and smoking issues. You can count on us to offer practical solutions. We can also repair your brick chimneys.

Meet Our Owner

Our founder, Lyle Campbell, has always wanted to start his own business. After working for a different company for more than 10 years, he decided to forge out on his own. This led him to start Chim-Chimney Sweep, Inc. Initially, his primary focus was helping customers with their duct and chimney cleaning jobs. As our company grew, Mr. Campbell expanded our service list. He also purchased several energy-saving devices to help our sweeps clean and maintain fireplaces and chimneys more efficiently.

Putting Safety First

One of our top priorities is to keep our customers safe. As a result, we do what it takes to remove flammable materials from the sides of your smokestack and fireplace. We also inspect for heat damage. The reason why this is important is detailed by our owner below.

"In an unprotected fireplace, heat is absorbed into the back wall of the fireplace. This causes the bricks to crack and the mortar that holds the chimney together to break down, leading to expensive repairs." Give your chimney extra protection with a new cap.

Lyle Campbell  - Chimney Cleaning Salt Lake City, UT

A Word from Our Team

"Your chimney — and the flue that lines it — may add architectural interest to your home, but the real function is to carry dangerous fireplace, wood stove, or furnace gases and smoke safely out of your home. A chimney helps your household air stay breathable - just as your windows and your bathroom, attic, and kitchen vents do. Unlike those other exhaust points in your home, fireplace and wood stove chimneys need a special kind of care, which we are ready to provide"